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Stockholm landlords receive 100s of emails and only open a handful...

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RentalSpy was created by a frustrated apartment-seeker in Stockholm who quickly realized that in the city's competitive housing market you need an extra edge. I sent countless emails to landlords trying to find a place, but it seemed like I never got any responses.

So I created RentalSpy, a service to alert me as soon as new rentals were posted so I could contact landlords fast. Using RentalSpy, I was able to find a place in Sodermalm in 2 days!

If you've been looking for a rental in Stockholm, whether a room or an apartment, RentalSpy is exactly what you need. Just specify some housing filters and let us do the rest! You'll receive realtime notifications when a new rental meeting your criteria is posted on one of Stockholm's many rental sites.

With RentalSpy, you can contact landlords as soon as they post their rentals. The odds are now in your favor, instead of against you!

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